What do we do?

The training does not require computer skills but starts from zero and is offered throughout compulsory education. The training is equally for teaching staff and students. Trainings can be for both combined (teachers and their classes) and individually for specific groups (e.g. teach the teachers).

The long term goal is, to establish computer science as part of the curriculum and thus empower the participants with better problem solving skills in Hardap and all over Namibia.

The training can take place with or without computers. To ensure that the participants can best benefit from this opportunity, we offer a mix of computational and analytical thinking training in various forms and other activities to keep the balance during the day. 


So why should you become part of it?

  • the Bebras Challenge (and its preparation) engages with the students interest in IT/Computer Science thru exciting tasks that do not require any previous knowledge
  • it shows young people how versatile and relevant IT is in our daily life
  • it motivates to more activities and engagement into IT
  • it is for free and will remain like that!

Do you want to become part of this exciting movement? Get in touch with us today!

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